CWDB and SCWDB Regional Innovation Plan for 2022-2025 (pdf)

Cumberlands Workforce Development Board Final Local Plan compressed 2022-2025 (pdf)

Addendum 1 to Cumberlands Workforce Development Board Local Strategic Plan for Program Year 2019-2020 (pdf)

Addendum 2 to CWDB Local Strategic Plan: Supplemental Data (pdf)

Regional Innovation Plan for the South Central & Cumberlands Workforce Development Boards 2019-2020 (pdf)

Cumberlands Workforce Development Area Strategic Plan - 2017 – 2020 (pdf)

South Central Kentucky & Cumberlands Workforce Development Areas Regional Workforce Development Plan (pdf)

Cumberlands Workforce Development Board Local Plan - July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2020 (pdf)

TAA Regional Plan Template Guide (pdf)

Cumberlands Direct Service Provider Amendment #1 (pdf)

Memorandum of Agreement between the CWDB and the LCADD to establish a contract for Direct Service Provider (pdf)

Kentucky Career Center - Cumberlands Certifications

Statewide, each Kentucky Career Center location must be certified every three years. The status for each of the centers in the Kentucky Career Center - Cumberlands area are listed below.

  • Somerset Location (One-Stop Hub): Certified 10/16/18 (expires 10/16/21)
  • Albany Location: Certified 10/4/19 (expires 10/4/22)
  • Burkesville Location: Certified 11/7/19 (expires 11/7/22)
  • Campbellsville Location: Certified 8/27/19 (expires 8/27/22)
  • Columbia Location: Certified 8/27/19(expires 8/27/22)
  • Corbin Location: Certified 11/7/19 (expires 11/7/22)
  • Liberty Location: Certified 10/3/19 (expires 10/3/22)
  • London Location: Certified 11/7/19 (expires 11/7/22)
  • Monticello Location: Certified 10/4/19 (expires 10/4/22)
  • Mount Vernon Location: Certified 11/7/19 (expires 11/7/22)
  • Russell Springs Location: Certified 11/7/19 (expires 11/7/22)
  • Whitley City Location: Certified 11/7/19 (expires 11/7/22)

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