Kentucky Career Center - Cumberlands 13-County Community Resource Map

The Kentucky Career Center-Cumberlands compiled this map and list of community resources — a list of assets and strengths emphasizing what each community in our 13-county region does have, not what it doesn't. These assets and strengths can be used to meet community needs; they can improve community life.

These community resources can be filtered by County, by Asset (Business & Industry Top Employers, Training and Education, Partner Organizations, and Public Facilities), or a combination of both filters. The community assets we have focused on are businesses that provide jobs and support the local economy. Also, we have identified community services that make life better for some or all community members — public transportation, early childhood education center, community recycling facilities, cultural organizations, etc.

Is Your Company or Organization a Community Resource?

If you don’t see your organization or company on our list and feel it should be included, please fill out and submit the following form and we will review for inclusion in our Resource Map.