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Purpose and Assistance

The Kentucky Career Center - Cumberlands is working to facilitate LEAP (Linking Employment to Activities Pre-Release) programs in our region. The purpose of the pre-release program is to successfully bring those with felonies or misdemeanors, or who have extremely low income, into the workforce. This program can offer assistance with things like job search, resumes, interview skills, transportation, and even interview clothing.

Employer Incentives

LEAP also aims to inform and encourage employers to look at this underutilized workforce resource and discover incentives available to businesses that participate. For example, employers can take advantage of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit of up to $2400 for ex-felons hired within a year of release. The Kentucky Career Center seeks to identify employers hiring criteria, identify receptive employers for our candidates, and provide retention support.  

Participating Employers in Our 13 County Region

Microsoft Excel file Download (updated February 2021)

Employment Makes a Difference

The advantages of finding employment for ex-offenders may seem obvious, but here are a few points to consider:

  • The ex-offender population exists in our region (more than 650,000 people are released from state and federal prisons each year)
  • Ex-offender employment can turn a tax burden into a taxpayer
  • Ex-offenders who work are 1/3 less likely to re-offend
  • Employment stabilizes families and creates positive role models for children
  • Lives are transformed through the dignity of work

Get Started

To learn more about the LEAP program, discuss developing the program in your county, or see how your business could benefit from this workforce pool contact:

Aaron Poynter
Regional Re-Entry Coordinator
270 866-4200
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Myra Wilson
Director of Workforce Development
270 866-7425
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What Are the Steps in the LEAP Program?

1. Identification

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The first steps for those leaving incarceration or extenuating circumstances include having a few forms of identification to receive services. These many have lost or not easily accessible. These include a birth certificate, Social Security card, and some form of State I.D. (not necessarily a Drivers License).

2. Career Services

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As someone leaves incarceration or relocates to our community getting them involved in the community, and gaining a stable income are of utmost importance. This allows them to gain access to other resources more easily; while aiding their recovery process.

3. General Resources

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There is a period of time once employed until receipt of a paycheck. People still need food, housing, transportation to get to their job, and clothing during these times. Also, money may still be scarce as they pay off fines or bills which makes other resources more difficult to reach.

4. Circumstance

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Providing a basic need is inexplicably important; however, many people may require additional services. For example, adequate childcare or proper counseling (for both parent and child) may be needed to ensure recovery for the person and their future generations.

5. Self Sustaining with Support

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The ultimate goal is to aid those struggling mentally, physically, and socially. If we can help bring them out of their struggles, then soon they will begin building for themselves. Through continued support, we are creating the future of our communities.

Program Implementation Presentation by County

Pulaski County PDF Download

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Housing Resource

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