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The Area Response to Opioids in Rural Communities (AROC) met recently to discuss ways to help those recovering from opioid addiction find a path back into the community after rehabilitation.

The committee, comprised of a diverse group of community professionals including physicians, educators, legal professionals and representatives of the Kentucky Career Center, gathered to share their insight to formulate a plan to help recovered addicts successfully reintegrate into their community. Dr. Richard Miles, M.D. gave insight into the medical side of the issue, and Lake Cumberland Area Development District Director Darryl McGaha was one of many present to discuss the impact the opioid crisis has on the regional workforce.

In committee business, the AROC members elected Director of Workforce Development, Myra Wilson as committee chair, and Job Entry & Retention Specialist, Tracy Wariner as committee vice-chair. The meeting was held at the Lake Cumberland Community Action Agency located in Jamestown. 

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