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“This program changed my life because it was able to bridge the gap between the skills I needed to get a great job in the tech industry.”

-Alex Richardson

Partnership with BC Skills Academy

The Cumberlands and South Central Workforce Development Boards have partnered with BC Skills Academy in Glasgow, Kentucky to offer our communities a Computer Coding and Web Development program. Website development and computer coding are growing even more now because of the pandemic and the workforce board wanted to respond with solutions and positive outcomes.

Our Rural Communities are Struggling

  • Deindustrialization is impacting our families, as is the case with millions of families in our nation’s heartland
  • Gender and Geographic Gaps in the STEM fields are not being reduced at a high enough rate
  • Outsourcing the tech jobs that are replacing what once were local, industrial jobs makes sustainability nearly impossible
  • Entrepreneurship and local innovation, due to the very real concept of “brain drain,” are nearly non-existent in our small-town cultures and could have a long-term impact on our economic competitiveness if not addressed

BC Skills: An Empowering Solution

  • At the core, BC Skills is a solution
  • A solution for empowering unemployed, under-employed, and displaced workers
  • A solution for empowering an innovative school district driven to offer students meaningful, relevant opportunities
  • A solution for empowering those often undervalued in the technology workforce
  • A solution for empowering high school seniors preparing for sustainable careers
  • A solution for empowering aspiring entrepreneurs yearning to grow and develop their ideas and products
  • A solution for empowering a rural community passionate about attaining economic relevance for years to come

Following recruitment efforts, communicating with candidates, interviewing, and evaluating, the Web Development Training Program launched in January 2021. The program successfully enrolled 28 participants and they will have a completion date of mid-May. The Workforce Development Boards expect to continue their partnership with BC Skills and offer additional courses in the near future.

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