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“This program changed my life because it was able to bridge the gap between the skills I needed to get a great job in the tech industry.”

-Alex Richardson


The Cumberlands Workforce Development Board’s Economic Recovery Employment Division has a dedicated staff ready and equipped with resources to assist individuals who are seeking to upskill their employment level or who have been displaced due to the pandemic. We understand that life situations over the course of the pandemic have abruptly impacted many individuals within our region. Therefore, our team has developed a comprehensive program, which utilizes one-on-one assessment measures, to understand individuals’ needs and assist with removing barriers from successful employment into the workforce.

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Our Staff is Ready to Assist

Lyndsey Brown has more than 12 years of experience in workforce engagement and job placement. She has experience in diverse populations across the nation, as well as high volume and specialized recruiting for the workforce and employers.

If you are an individual needing assistance finding a position or training program that fits your skillset, or if you are a business/employer searching for Junior Level Web Developers, please contact Lyndsey Brown, our Economic Recovery Coordinator at the Cumberlands Workforce Development Board.

Lyndsey BrownLyndsey Brown
Economic Recovery Coordinator
270 866-4200
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Connect with a Career Team Member for Job Placement or Training Program Availability

  1. Complete the online form and a member of the Career Team will contact you.
  2. You and a member of the Career Team will plan the next steps together. They will assist you with finding jobs, filling out applications, interviewing skills, and resume building.
  3. Career Team members will help with access to any other needs or resources you may have (food, housing, etc.).
  4. Career Team members will provide follow up services as long as an individual is in need.
  5. Let us help you find a path to achieve success.

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For Employers: A Workforce Resource

For potential employers, our team utilizes these individual measures to promote success and personal fulfillment with each job placement for both employees and their prospective employers. Building Business/Employer Relationships and providing employers with readily available and skilled workers is at the forefront of our program, as this promotes positive outcomes for each party.